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the clock strikes with her hands

yea, though i walk, i used to fly - and now we dance.

7 September
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I am:
-a girl
-free from polyunsaturates
-orange-mango-somethingorother scented
-not dancing
-not sitting next to you, unless i am, in which case, i am sitting next to you.
-an aspiring photographer
-addicted to iced tea
-wearing my boyfriend's belt (shh)
-a bit vain
-slightly geeky, but only slightly.
-musically inclined
-on the East Coast
-Jack's colon

I am not:
-a jelly doughnut
-terribly hungry
-going to clean that up
-a gorilla
-made of candy
-in the mood, leave me alone
-on fire
-able to fly
-into rap
-fat, either
-a creep
-very humble
-good for eating
-a beautiful and unique snowflake

Oh, and this:
ratatat is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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